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Mil-Std Labeling

Mil-Std Labeling

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The primary labeling challenge for defense contractors is compliance with Mil-Std-129, which defines the how containers are to be labeled for identification and transportation. The defense department buys a lot of stuff, all of which needs to get to the right place and be properly identified once it does.

Permanent labeling, referred to as part marking, of items falls under Mil-Std-130, and more recently the requirements for Unique Identification (UID). While in some cases permanent part marking may be successfully accomplished with labels generated by laser or thermal transfer printers, more rigorous methods are required for parts that must withstand the environmental conditions of storage and use in the field.

Since most UID part marking requires identification that is permanently affixed to an item, without effecting its performance, actual UID labeling is generally more of a manufacturing issue than a concern during preparation of items for delivery to the DOD. However, UID still impacts that process because UID data must be incorporated into Mil-Std-129 container, correlated with Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) data and collected for submission to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).


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