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About Mil-Pac

About Mil-Pac

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Mil-Pac Technology, Inc. develops software that enables suppliers to meet the requirements of defense contract packaging and shipping. Our MIL-Comply software provides integrated solutions for:

  • Mil-Std-129 Labeling
  • RFID Labeling and WAWF Submission
  • UID Labeling and WAWF Submission
  • Automation of WAWF transactions including Receiving Reports, Invoices, RFID, Cost Vouchers, Progress Payments and more
  • Automation of DLA order processing, including WAWF invoicing

With over 2100 installs, Mil-Pac software provides powerful, flexible solutions for meeting the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), RFID and UID mandates issued by the US Department of Defense. Since 1982, Mil-Pac has continually developed products that automate DD-Form processing, facilitate barcode label generation and support advanced electronic interchange applications. For more information about the company, please visit

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