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MS 2073 Packaging Code Database

Mil-Std-2073 Items

Military Standard 2073 packaging description

Organize Data by NSN, Part Number or Contract/CLIN

  • Pack-2073 stores parts by the contract line item, for multiple packaging specifications for the same item, meeting the needs of different customers.

  • Parts are also stored by NSN or Part Number. Thus more efficient when items are always packaged the same way.

Share packaging requirements and part descriptions with other MIL-Comply applications.

Quickly Create a Mil-Std 2073 Code Breakdown

Pack-2073 pulls the requirements out of Mil-Std 2073 into a clean and easy to read breakdown, as shown here.

<-- View the full Mil-Std-2073 Breakdown

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Mil-Std 2073 Packaging Codes Breakdown