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DOD Supplier Webinar

Advanced Shipment Labeling for DOD Suppliers —

Compliant, Efficient and Affordable

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Preparing labels for Department of Defense shipments can be time-consuming, confusing, and error-prone. Advanced Labeling for DOD suppliers can make label preparation easy and quick.

This presentation describes how to use Advanced Labeling to:

  • Produce labels without typing every label field;
  • Ensure that your labels are compliant with
    Mil-Std 129;
  • Integrate labeling with other systems to reduce errors and keystrokes;
  • Streamline label printing with specialized DOD supplier software; and
  • Add RFID and UID to labels easily.

Whether you ever use Mil-Pac Technology software products or not, this presentation will help you understand how to more efficiently label your DOD shipments.