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Mil-Std-129R Barcode Labeling with UID / RFID

RFID-enabled MSL

  RFID Labeling

Print DOD RFID versions of popular Mil-Std 129 labels and Military Shipment Label (MSL) for both case and pallet exterior container labels, with and without UID Unit Pack

Print generic RFID tag for complete flexibility. Print pallet and case RFID labels in one print job. Automatically associate UID parts to RFID cases and RFID cases to RFID pallets.

MIL-Comply Labeling, Mil-Pac's fourth-generation barcoding solution for defense contractors has the features you would expect from a company that has specialized in Mil-Std barcoding since 1982. The robust collection of Mil-Std-129R label formats includes fully integrated RFID and UID.  Includes Fed-Std-123H formats for GSA suppliers.

MIL-Comply Labeling is the quickest and easiest way to get defense shipments out the door. Built-in Mil-Std compliance, intuitive user interfaces, and databases for part descriptions and addresses simplify creation of all the labels you need for defense shipments.

Add our MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager to generate the WAWF ASN/Pack Update for a complete DOD RFID Mandate solution.

Just need Military Shipment Labels? MIL-Comply MSL makes printing military MSLs for DOD shipments fast and easy … and free. Print fully compliant labels to any standard windows printer.

MIL-Comply Labeling Product Tour

This tour walks you through
MIL-Comply Labeling product features, screens and short descriptions.
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Advanced Shipment Labeling Webinar

Register to watch pre-recorded webinar. Preparing labels for Department of Defense shipments can be time-consuming, confusing, and error-prone. Advanced Labeling for DOD suppliers can make label preparation easy and quick.
advanced labeling for DOD suppliers

Printer Compatibility

MIL-Comply Labeling is compatible with all standard Windows printers (laser and ink-jet), and with most popular thermal-transfer and RFID printers.

Compatible Thermal and RFID Printer Manufacturers
Datamax Avery/Paxar Toshiba
Eltron Printronix Zebra
Intermec Sato