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GSA Barcode Labeling

GSA transport container label IAW Fed-Std-123H with shipping information

GSA Transport Label (Fed-Std-123H)

GSA Unit Container label, with barcode, IAW Fed-Std-123H

GSA Unit Container Label

GSA shipments require barcode labeling in compliance with Fed-Std-123H for shipments to civilian agencies and Mil-Std-129R for shipments to defense activities. MIL-Comply Labeling has both covered, including four formats to meet GSA requirements.

The following labels are required for GSA civilian agency shipments:

Revision H of Fed-Std-123 (2007) includes a number of changes and new requirements relative to Fed-Std-123G (1997). These are reflected in MIL-Comply Labeling (release 1.0.083 and later).

Label Automation

Mil-Comply Labeling accepts imported data to automate generation of GSA format labels. Use either of the standard Mil-Pac M12 or XML file formats, or import GSA EDI-850 purchase orders.

Labeling for Shipment to Defense Activities

Shipments under GSA contracts to defense activities require Mil-Std-129R labeling. MIL-Comply Labeling includes all of the essential labels necessary to meet those requirements, including the Military Shipment Label (MSL) and barcoded container labels with 2D PDF417 symbols for compliance with Revision R.